Temporary Housing Solutions


Step 1 – Adjuster Calls Executive Residences, Inc.
We are available 24 hours/day, every day, to provide a clear explanation of services and begin serving your policyholder. After you provide us with the details of the policyholder’s information, our local staff will set to work on meeting their immediate needs.

Step 2 – Executive Residences Identifies a Housing Solution
We will immediately contact the policyholder to assure them we are working to find them the perfect temporary housing solution, whether it’s a house with a yard or an apartment close to work. Within 24-48 hours Executive Residences, Inc. will present a cost-effective, appropriate temporary residence. Our trained staff will work with the insured directly, while informing you of every step in the process.

Step 3 – Executive Residences, Inc. Seeks A.L.E Approval
Executive Residences, Inc. will work within the policyholder’s financial limits. Before finalizing arrangements for housing and any additional items requested by the policyholder, we will submit all costs for adjuster approval.

Step 4 – Executive Residences, Inc. Moves Policyholder into Fully Furnished Residence
Executive Residences, Inc. strives to provide superior customer service during move-in and throughout the policyholder’s stay. We will stay in contact with the policyholder to ensure they have everything they need, and handle all maintenance issues in an efficient and timely manner. In addition, Fair Rental Value Assessments can be provided when necessary.

Step 5 – Invoicing and Reports
Executive Residences Inc. allows you to choose your billing option. We can either bill directly to the insurance company, or bill the insured. We also offer customized reports to help you track your accounts with us.

Step 6 – Constant Communication
Executive Residences, Inc. will continue to follow up with the adjuster regarding notice to vacate or possible extensions of the policyholder’s stay with us.

Step 7 – Vacate Notification
Upon notification from the adjuster, Executive Residences Inc. will schedule the insured’s move-out. We will reconcile final billing, and the security deposit if applicable.

From the time the property loss occurs to the time the insured moves back home, Executive Residences is there to handle all the details.